Crate Training Problems

My Pup is Peeing in the Crate

Well this is a fun one! You get home after a long day of work, all you want to do is netflix and chill(or not), but you find that your pup has left a wonderful little puddle of pee. Great! This is a relatively easy fix. Mr. peebody’s behavior can have several causes. First, a pup’s bladder is smaller than a full grown dog. With that being said, it’s a good idea to watch how much water you give little fido before you leave for work. It could be as simple as this. Another common cause of the almighty crate pee could be that your crate is too big for your pup. Even though it may not seem like it at times, our canine friends don’t like to use the restroom when they sleep. If they are in a crate that is too big, they can get in the mindset to pee on one side of the crate and sleep on the other. How long are you leaving your pupper in the crate? They already have smaller bladders. Keeping them in a crate for too long at a time could be the cause. Have a friend stop by during the day to let him out. Lastly, it could be because your pup isn’t house trained. Most likely, if your pup thinks its okay to pee all over the house, they’ll think its okay to pee in the crate as well.

My Pup Won’t Stop Howling In His Crate

Oh this is a heart breaker, that’s for sure. This happens if a pup isn’t properly introduced to a crate or your pup hasn’t accepted the crate as his den. I had to learn this lesson the hard way. If your pup is howling in his crate, read this post. It’s going to take some time and patience, but you need to reintroduce your pup to his crate. A common problem that wasn’t mentioned in that post is discipline. You should never place your pup in it’s crate as a form of punishment. If you use the crate as punishment, of course he is not going to like being in it. It makes sense but is talk is cheap.

My Pup Is Pooping In His Crate

This is basically the same issue as your pup peeing in its crate. Unless your dog is sick, follow the guidelines placed above.

My Pup Looks Like He Is Going to Hurt himself

Is he banging around in the crate trying to escape? This is similar to when a pup is howling. If you think your pup is going to cause self harm, it’s time to let them out. Little fido could have an anxiety problem. Personally, I would try introducing your pupper to his crate in increasing intervals. If that still doesn’t work, it might be time to take him to a vet. Anti-anxiety medication may be the best solution in this case.

He Tears Up His Bed/Pillows

A pup’s gotta teethe! This kind of behavior has a couple of different causes. If you think your pup is teetheing, just put some extra toys in the crate! Make sure it isn’t one that can be broken apart. Most likely, you won’t be with your little pupparoni if something terrible starts to happen. Another cause could be a lack of exercise. Dogs can have a lot of energy they need to expend. If you’ve tried putting some extra toys in the crate and he still destroys the bedding, try giving him more exercise when you get home. Take him to the park, play with him, do whatever you need to tire him out. That should do the trick!

My Pup Is Nipping At Me When I Try To Put Him In His Crate

Well something is going seriously wrong here! Just kidding, it’s fixable. Most likely, he’s nipping at you because you force him to go in the crate. Let me make this clear, you should never have to force your pup to go in their crate. Unfortunately, your pup can’t speak up and tell you he hates his crate, sometimes he will nip at you to express the same feeling. So what can you do? Reintroduce him to the crate. Start randomly placing treats in there and let him stumble upon it. Do this a few times. Then start praising him and giving him treats whenever he walks into his new home. After doing this enough, your pup will learn that going to his crate is a great idea. No more nipping!

When I Let My Pup Out, He Goes Crazy

You get home and get all excited about seeing your pup. So you run to his crate, open it up, and BAM! He pops out like a horse at the Kentucky Derby. That’s great and all but sometimes you might not want that kind of behavior. If they’re getting over excited, it’s most likely because of you. Nothing personal, but it is what it is. If you act all crazy and excited when you get home, your pup is going to learn that same behavior. So even when you’re quietly opening his crate, he’s already learned that you want him to be excited about when you get home. So he’s going to be a ball of energy for a few minutes. The solution? As hard as it is, keep calm when you see your pup in the crate. It may not work at first. Keep at it, sooner or later your pup will catch on.

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